Five Soccer Games You Can Play on Your Phone

Soccer has always been a very popular sport, and many consider it the most popular sport of all times, though horseracing and Grand National Ladbrokes are getting close. People all over the world enjoy watching and playing soccer games. Nowadays, there are many games you can play on your computer or your phone both online and offline. Phone games are becoming more and more popular, nowadays. You always have your phone with you, and you can access the game easily anytime and anywhere. For that reason, I will present to you some great phone soccer games you can play and enjoy.

Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is an amazing game for all the soccer fans out there. The theme of the game is quite realistic which is one of the reasons why this game is becoming more and more popular. How is this game played? You form your team, and you can even create your own field. When you make your team, you can select the best players from various teams and then you start playing the game. This game is available for Android phones and iOS as well, and I highly recommend it. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

Stickman soccer

Stickman soccer is a phone game available both for iOS and Android. It is a very interesting game. What makes it different from Dream League Soccer is that the theme of the game is not as realistic. In other words, not everything is the same as in the real game. For example, there are not as many penalties and the rules are a bit different. They are not as harsh as in real soccer. In this way, gamers can enjoy the game with less stress and more fun. You cannot create your own stadium, but you can change it if you do not like it. If you are not ready to start playing the game, you can play the training mode. What makes this game so interesting is that you can play this game with your friends.

Ultimate soccer

Ultimate soccer is an Android game which gives you the ultimate fun. This is a relaxing game for all soccer fans. You do not need to chase records. You just simply play the game and enjoy it. In this game you do not need to reach the next level, the developers of the game have made the game in such a way that you simply play it and enjoy it. The only thing you have to learn is to learn how to use controls on your device, and you are free to enjoy the game. Play soccer or train your team, and give this game a try. You will feel stress-free in no time!

Football revolution 2018

Football revolution 2018 is an excellent game for all soccer fans available both for iOS and Android. It is a soccer game which requires you to be a quick thinker and to make decisions on the spot. It is a 3D game with an attractive design. So how to play this game? As in every game, firstly you make a team. You select real players. When the game starts your task is to place the ball at the center of the stadium. Then, the next step is to shoot. You need to make a long shot. It is a great game for all soccer lovers and I recommend you to try it and see for yourself.

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