Great Team Building Exercises for Soccer Players

Soccer is a game played in a team. People make a team, and in soccer that is at least 11 people in one team who need to play and think like one person. That is quite difficult and poses a great problem for the coach. For that reason, the coach needs to find a way to make his team firm and able to compete as one. Fortunately for coaches, there are many team building activities and exercises that can help strengthen a team. In this article, I will present the two most successful team building exercises for soccer players in my opinion.


Teammate interviews are not typical exercises. However, it is a very good way to start building a team. The coach needs to talk to each of his players in order to see what kind of people they are, what they like, what bothers them, and how they function in a group of people. That is very important because these interviews will show the coach how to organize his team. When interviewing the players, the coach needs to ask the right questions. In addition, the coach can pair up his players and ask the questions or let the players ask the questions. Thus, the coach will see how players respond when talking to their coach in private, and how they behave when their teammates are present. By interviewing the players properly, the coach will see how they think and see how they behave. This information will improve the game in the future.


In soccer, it is essential to listen to your teammates and to get along with them. If teammates do not get along in everyday life, they will not get along in the game as well. In addition, it is very important to listen to the team and to do what the team requires you to do. You can be a great soccer player, but you can not play the game on your own. For that reason, I present to you the Numbers Game. The numbers game is a game used by coaches who train children. However, this is a very good game for players who do not listen to the coach and their fellow colleagues. The game starts with each of the teammates dribbling on the field. Then each of them calls out a number from one to five, and the rest of the team needs to make groups. For example, if the player calls out five, the team needs to make groups of five. Those who do not get into groups are sent into sidelines. Even though it seems easy, this game will teach your players to listen to each other and work with each other, so give it a try!

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