Soccer Players We Hate

Having soccer idols is awesome. It is also perfectly understandable that you hate the players from the opposing team. That’s just what the game is like, if you’re rooting for one side, you’re automatically against the other.

There are, however, soccer players that the public finds despicable. People who are famous for getting physical in their confrontations, arrogant and selfish with the ball, and use such a colorful language that it is very difficult to side with them. Here are the soccer players we hate the most.

Luis Suarez

We couldn’t build up to this name on the list – it deserves to be mentioned first. Luis Suarez is playing for Barcelona and the Uruguayan national team. The player has been accused of diving so many times that even if he got fouled, no one would take him seriously at this point.

There is something to be said of your conduct on the field if you are known for biting (that’s right, biting) opposing players, which happened more than once. The first bite was so horrible he was banned from any and all soccer activities, and couldn’t even watch the games for four months. He was also caught stomping the feet of his opponents, which is not only rough play but something that could end a player’s career.

Joey Barton

While some players are infamous for their behavior on the field, it is Barton’s private life that made him end up on this list. His Twitter feed is often filled with interesting language and criticism of public figures. While that could simply mean that he is outspoken and brave, we can’t ignore the fact that he spent time in jail for assault. Additionally, he was banned from playing soccer for a year and a half due to breaking several gambling rules.

Sergio Busquets

Unfortunately, it is not his skills with the ball that people know him for. It is his theatrical simulation.

As much as we would like to argue that falling down when there’s no one near you is a normal part of a game, Busquets has made it into an art form.

Apart from diving, he is known for being overly cautious on the field, which makes the game boring for some spectators.

Mauro Icardi

You can dive and fight the other team. It’s ugly, but somewhat expected. You can be pretty open about your controversial ideas on social media. Every free person deserves to be able to express themselves. But there is a taboo most players do not cross and that’s messing with your team. Mauro Icardi married Wanda Nara, the ex-wife of his former teammate, Maxi Lopez. There were even rumors that it was because of him that their marriage fell apart. He was almost kicked out of Inter Milan.

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