The Best Apps for Tracking Soccer Stats

It is impossible to know what the future will bring. Match outcomes are very difficult to predict because there is a myriad of factors we have to take into consideration. The main source of information is the statistics of players and teams. Rather than googling these stats every time we want to learn more, there are a few handy apps that give us all the stats that we need, whether we like to bet online with the 22bet bonus, or just be up to date with our favorite teams’ performances.


This app is more than just a tool to be used in order to track changes to a team’s wins and losses. Apart from useful statistics, it includes several features, like the blog, where you can share your opinions with other soccer enthusiasts, and groups, where you can connect to other soccer fans and share what you know about players, teams, games, and the upcoming season. Think of it as Facebook for soccer – it’s got everything.


If you want the stats, the whole stats and nothing but the stats, FootyStats is the app for you. It originally started as a website that later developed its own app. The purpose of the app is clear – it provides frequently updated info on clubs, coaches, and players in an effort to facilitate betting. It covers 60 leagues and cups. One of the biggest selling points of the app is that it has no ads and allows the users to access the premium option.


This app is perfect for sports enthusiasts who like to learn more about what’s going on in other sports as well. It follows matches and games very closely and also lets you follow the live commentary of team match-ups. You will get not only the stats but also what several people think about the outcome of the matches. So, if you’re into soccer, but also tennis, hockey, and basketball give LiveScore a try.


What separates FotMob from the rest of the apps on this list is the fact that the team behind it is very active on social media and more than happy to address any concerns, criticisms, and questions swiftly, which can be seen from their Google Play page. Apart from getting the latest info on your favorite soccer superstars, you will also have access to lineups, live scores, updates about a player transfer, and audio commentary. It covers over 200 competitions, and, while it does contain ads and in-app purchases, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.


Here is another app that is very close to a social media platform. You will get the statistics you ask for, but there is so much more that Onefootball can provide. The app tracks what your interests are so that you will get the latest information on players and events without actively searching for it. Additionally, you have access to live commentary and push notifications. Over 10 million people have installed it so far, and the number keeps growing.


Having scores is great. Listening to live commentary is even better. Why don’t we step it up a few notches and give you the option of following the sporting events live? This is exactly what ESPN does: it gives you all you need to know with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the action on the field. Like LiveScore, it doesn’t focus all of its attention on soccer, but on all sporting events.

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