The Oldest and Youngest Soccer Players at the World Cup 2018

There were many great soccer players who had left a mark on the audience and fans for many reasons. Some are remembered for their teamwork, while some are remembered for their long-lasting careers. On the other hand, there are other soccer players who, despite being extremely young, are known for their great talent and successful career.

The World Cup 2018 has marked this year in soccer. Many players have played and showed off their talent. In the following article, I will present to you three oldest and three youngest soccer players who marked the World Cup 2018 in Russia.


Essam El-Hadary

This famous Egyptian soccer player with a long career behind him is the oldest soccer player who played at Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia. So how old is he? Essam El-Hadary is 45 years old and is still active in soccer. He was born in 1973 in Egypt and started his international career in 1996 when he represented Egypt at the African Cup of Nations. He is a very successful goalkeeper who has been number one goalkeeper in Egypt for two decades and continues to be their number one.

Rafael Marquez  

Rafael Marquez Alvarez was born in Mexico, on 13th February 1979. Like Essam El-Hadary, he started his career in 1996 and retired from his club in 2018. Even though he does not play for his club anymore, he decided to take part in the World Cup 2018, after which he would retire completely. Since he participated in every World Cup from 2002 and was his team’s captain, the World Cup 2018 was quite emotional both for him and his fans.

Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill is a 39-year-old soccer player from Australia known worldwide for his talent and the great game. He was born in Sydney and started his professional career in England, in 1997. Since then he has won many competitions and played many successful matches. Cahill participated in 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cup before the World Cup 2018. This year he was one of the oldest soccer players at the World Cup, but his age did not bother him to show off his talent.


Daniel Arzani

Born in Khorramabad in 1999, Daniel Arzani was the youngest World-Cup 2018 soccer player. He plays for the Australian National team and is a part of the Celtic team where he plays as a winger and an attacking midfielder. Arzani started his professional career at the age of 17, and by the age of 19, he managed to take part in the World Cup 2018.

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe was born on 20th December 1999 and was one of the youngest World-Cup 2018 soccer players. He comes from France where he plays for Paris Saint-Germain. His talent earned him fame and popularity, and he is considered one of the most expensive soccer players nowadays. He showed off his talent at the World Cup 2018 in Russia and is believed to have a promising career in the future.  

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Another young soccer player with a promising career is Trent. He was born in 1998 and started his professional career in 2016. He plays right back for Liverpool and the English National Team. Trent managed to play at the World Cup 2018 and showed off his talent.  

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